Captain John S. Pope Farm

The Captain John S. Pope farm is located at 6909 Efland-Cedar Grove Road near Cedar Grove, North Carolina, approximately eight miles northwest of Hillsborough in rural Orange County. The two-story I-house was constructed around from 1860-1874 and is one of the earliest remaining examples of a rural form that was found throughout Orange County in the mid- to late-nineteenth century. The house retains its original 73.05-acre tract and a collection of twenty-five outbuildings that date from the c. 1865 through c. 1970.

The Captain John S. Pope Farm is significant under National Register Criterion A for agriculture and under National Register Criterion C for architeture. The farm has remained in continuous operation by the Pope family since at least 1870 and may be been farmed by the McDade family even earlier. It retains the original 1874 acreage as well as one of the largest collections of extant agricultural outbuildings in Orange County. The farm retains its historic arrangement of fields and forests and buildings dating from 1865 through 1970.

The National Register nomination is scheduled to be reviewed by the National Register Advisory Committee in Raleigh in February. An Orange County Landmark report has also been completed and is under review by the Orange County Historic Preservation Commission.