215-217 East Nash Street – Hackney Building

The c. 1885-c. 1922 Hackney Building is located in the Wilson Central Business-Tobacco Warehouse Historic District in Wilson, North Carolina. The three-story brick building has two commercial storefronts on the first floor, though the interior is currently a single space. The current facade dates to c. 1922 and features a brick veneer with concrete details. Windows on the facade have recently been replaced. Interior spaces are largely open spaces with several small rooms partitioned off at the front and rear of the building, except at the storefront level. The building features wood floors, plaster walls, and pressed tin ceilings with tin cornices on all three levels.
Originally constructed as a wagon manufacturing building, it was converted to a department store in the 1920s and has been operated as commercial and office space since then, though has been vacant for a number of years.

Rehab Builders (based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) will be converting the space into ten apartments with commercial spaces maintained at the first-floor level. Original stairwells between the floors will be preserved, along with hardwood floors and tin ceilings. The project is slated to receive both state and federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits.