701 Jefferson – New Brick Warehouse

Constructed around 1930 as a tobacco auction house in South Boston, Virginia, the New Brick Warehouse is located in the South Boston National Register Historic District.

The one-story brick building has a gabled roof behind a brick parapet and dozens of skylights light the interior.  Many six-over-six wood-sash windows remain, though windows on two elevations have been removed and the openings bricked in. The interior of the building is a single open space with wood floors, exposed brick walls, and wide timber-frame trusses that span the full width of the building.

Rehab Builders (based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) will be converting the space into loft apartments with second-floor spaces being constructed in the center of the building under the higher roofline.  The building will retain original floors, exposed brick walls, and exposed roof trusses.  New windows will be re-installed where they’ve been previously removed.

The project is slated to receive both state and federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits.